Approaching Schnoor

Schnoor, Bremen’s oldest section, is part of the city’s Old Town and can be conveniently reached on foot from the Town Hall and Roland.

Thus, if you wish to walk directly from the town centre to Schnoor, simply follow the street “Am Dom“ starting from the statue of Roland, turn right into Balgebrückstrasse and then left into the street Lange Wieren (take the staircase down), past the provost church St. Johann. The route then continues via the street Am Landherrnamt to the street Schnoor, which gave the district its name.

If you come by bus or tram, take line 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 24 or 25 to Domsheide and then use one of the numerous entrances and exits of the Schnoor district.


Liniennetzplan der BSAG
BSAG general map of tram and bus lines

Stadtplan von Bremen
Citymap Bremen

Übersichtskarte Bremen
Environmental map of Bremen with motorways and approach roads